How to Beat Cabin Fever

How to Beat Cabin Fever

This post was strategically post-poned because I live in the Midwest. Why does that matter? Well if you also live in the Midwest then you probably received anywhere from 2 – a million inches of snow yesterday. Here in central Illinois, we received somewhere between 5-7 inches. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. It’s just getting to that time in winter when I begin itching for spring temperatures and tulips. Here are the ways I’ve managed to fight off cabin fever for so long:

> Run Errands on Different Days This is probably the opposite of what you might usually hear because it’s not a time-efficient way to run errands. That being said, when wind chills are in single digits or it’s forecasted to rain for the next week, making a run to the car or literally running to the Walgreens around the corner may be about all you can manage. I’ve found that just get out of the house for an hour that is completely unrelated to school has helped me feel like I’m still getting “out” and accomplishing mundane tasks (not that a trip to Target is truly mundane). By breaking up errands into a week-long series of events, I found myself also feeling relieved come the weekend because I didn’t have this long list of errands to run.

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> Watch a Movie That Corresponds With the WeatherTucker and I are huge on watching movies any time of the day and week. I’ve found that watching movies that have either similar or entirely opposite of weather that we’re experiencing really fun. Here are some of movie/weather combos you might want to try out (bonus points if you make hot chocolate and popcorn).

– Outside it is:

– Raining: Singing in the Rain, The Parent Trap, A Cinderella Story, Ratatouille

– Snowing: The Revenant, Agent Cody Banks, Frozen, Snow Dogs

– Sub-zero Temperatures: Frozen, Jack Frost, I Know What You Did Last Summer

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> Embrace It. If it’s snowing, go make a snow man or a snow angel. If it’s raining, put on your rain coat and boots and go jump in all of the puddles.Bring your camera with you and capture some of the soggy (or snow-dusted) beauty! In the end, there’s nothing we can do about the weather other than protect our bodies from getting harmed (say no to frost bite!).

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How do you fight off cabin fever?


10 thoughts on “How to Beat Cabin Fever

  1. angelmerisa23 says:

    I like to read, work on projects, and generally attempt to get stuff done as a way to avoid cabin fever but it definitely creeps up on you in the winter months. Last year we were snowed in for almost a week and a half…that was a horror movie level of cabin fever. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

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