Job Interview Series: the Phone Interview

Phone Interview

Phone interviews have become an incredibly popular choice by companies at the beginning of their hiring process. These days, everyone has a phone and it is a lot more cost effective on their end to call 50 candidates in one day than to interview in person. Even though phone interviews are more common, I find them to be more intimidating than standard, in-person interviews. Today, I’ll be sharing the things I do in order to nail a phone interview and feel more comfortable.

> Dress in business casual. For an in-person interview, chances are you would be dressed in some form of business professional or business casual. I highly recommend continuing this dress  code into a phone interview. I’ve done phone interviews in both my pajamas and business casual and not only did I feel more prepared and composed while wearing business casual clothing, but I also felt more awake, which helped me to think on my toes when asked a curveball question.

> Write out your answer to several “standard” interview questions. If you’ve ever had an interview then you know what kind of questions I’m talking about – the very general questions. Tell me about yourself. Tell me about any experience you have with ______. What is your worst quality? Questions like that will get asked in almost every interview, regardless of form, so having go-to answers is very helpful.

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> Do your research before the interview. Of course you should do your research on the company and the position, but this type of research is pertaining to interview questions that have been asked in the past. I highly recommend checking out the company you’re interview for on Glassdoor. They often have interview questions that have been asked before on the website and can give you more guidance with what type of questions to expect (like math questions, for example).

> Smile while you talk. The only two things that the interviewer is judging your interview on (other than any written materials you previously submitted) are your answers to their questions and the manner in which you answer them. Smiling while you talk naturally perks up your demeanor and makes you sound friendly. Bonus: it doesn’t matter if you feel like you look silly – they can’t see you!

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What makes you feel confident during a phone interview?

19 thoughts on “Job Interview Series: the Phone Interview

  1. Jenny says:

    I always wrote out the answers to questions for phone interviews and it helped me immensely. I feel like I am way better at phone interviews than in person ones.

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. Jordyn says:

    I don’t know if it is considered cheating but I always like to have my resume and a few notes on the company in front of me for phone interviews. Even though I usually don’t end up using my notes just knowing they are there eases my nerves a bit. I always feel MORE nervous for a phone interview than an in person interview surprisingly.

  3. Cristina says:

    Never thought of staying in business casual for a phone interviews! Definitely going to do that if I ever have one :)


  4. Kayla says:

    I also have found that dressing the part really helps my mentality, even when no one will be seeing me! Personally, I think phone interviews are less intimidating, but at the same time, you have to work hard to convey certain things because you can’t use body language.

    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

  5. Kayla Rivoli (@kaylavblogs) says:

    I had a lot of phone interviews for the internship I had last summer and needless to say, it was completely nerve-wracking! I made sure I showered and got dressed professionally and was sitting at a table instead of on my bed or on the couch or something. I had a notebook out in front of me to take notes and I made sure to write out a few questions to ask THEM beforehand. I also had their company website up on my laptop for reference just in case and a copy of my resume for if they asked any specific questions.

    Kayla |

  6. Mindy Thompson says:

    Grea tips! I totally suggest researching before interviewing. I’ve had so many interview candidates that don’t do their research and it’s obvious. This leaves a really bad impression and I definitely will not consider them for the job! Xoxo Mindy

  7. jasminekeclipse says:

    Phone/Skype interviews are SO popular now! I noticed that last year when I was applying like crazy to jobs. It’s such a great idea to dress the part for a phone interview, even though no one will see you, it’s good to get yourself into that mindset. Great tips!

    Jasmine /

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