My Favorite Bloggers

My Favorite Bloggers

Most bloggers draw inspiration from other bloggers – never in a creepy way, but rather an endearing way. Some of the bloggers I mentioned I’ve been following for years, while others are recent favorites. If you’re an avid blog reader, I’d love to know whose blogs you love to read. Without further ado, here are my favorite bloggers.

> Jordyn of The Fairy Princess Diaries I’ve been reading Jordyn’s blog religiously for the last six months. The other day one of my friends asked me what she writes about that I enjoy reading so much. My response? She writes the thoughts out my head. Jordyn’s outlook on the world around her and thoughts on living life and love resonate with me on a very deep level.

> FinanceGirl I mentioned that I love this blog in my Saving Cents Week Weekly Round Up and it’s for good reason. I’ve found that FinanceGirl boils down the important, big financial situations, obligations, etc. into simplistic language that someone who is terrified of numbers (aka me) can understand. My Bloglovin’ Helpful Things Folder is filled with these saved posts. Ranging from buying your first car to best finance books 20-somethins should read, FinanceGirl has it all.

(More on the blog: 5 Money-Saving Shopping Websites)

> Cristina of Cristina Was Here Formerly Cristina on Campus, Cristina’s blog is everything I aspire to be with my blog (well… not everything, because originality is important). What I mean is that her writing is professional, but conversation and friendly and really easy to read. If you’re in your twenties and want to read something that sounds like your best friend wrote it, check her out. You’ll become hooked on her blog very quickly.

> Shane of Sea Salt Secrets If you have Wanderlust, I highly recommend checking out her blog. If you’ve been a reader of mine for the last few months, then you’ll have periodically seen me featured her “Gaga for Graffiti” posts where she features some seriously breathtaking street art from around the world. I enjoy Shane’s blog so much because of her down-to-earth way of discussing travel on her blog. She never comes off as braggy, but rather she appreciates the beauty of the places she visits.

(More on the blog: Planning a Weekend Getaway)

> Tiffani of Savvy Southern Belle Tiffani is one of the most down-to-earth, my-kind-of-normal ladies I have come across on the Internet. The more I read her posts the more I want to be her friend. She prides herself on taking on more adult responsibilities while being a full-time college student, which I find very admirable and humbling. I genuinely look forward to reading her posts every Tuesday and Thursday and am very excited to see what she has coming up in 2016.

These are my favorite bloggers currently, who are yours? What blogs have you been loving lately?



23 thoughts on “My Favorite Bloggers

  1. MArly says:

    It’s so nice that you are sharing some of your favorite and uplifting bloggers. I have a big group of girls that I love to read and like you mentioned, get a lot of inspiration from. I am going to check out your bloggers faves.

  2. Cristina says:

    WOW YOU ARE SO SWEET. This is a huge compliment! I’m really glad you are liking the new site and my content. I’m a huge worry wart and I swear I give myself gray hairs worrying about whether or not I’m posting the right things, but reading this really makes me feel so happy! Love your blog, too, girl. :)


  3. Tiffani says:

    Thank you so much for including me! Yes, please, let me BFF’s! I love reading your tweets and your blog of course. It’s been such a rough week, and reading this has started my weekend off in the best way possible!
    And I really couldn’t agree more about Cristina’s blog! She always has such a positive voice and I feel so great after reading them!
    Thanks again for including me :)

  4. fairyprincessjord says:

    Oh my gosh thank you so much for writing such sweet things about me and my blog! I am so happy the things I write resonate with you in some way, I strive to be authentic and relatable and it means so much to me that you like what I write. Seriously so so sweet, this made my day😊

  5. Tiffany Khyla says:

    I only recently discovered Jordyn’s blog because of Millennial Bloggers, and I’m so glad she’s part of the group. She’s quickly become one of my favorite bloggers! I’ve been following Shane’s blog since before she became a travel blogger, and I just absolutely adore her!

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