Perfect Movies for a Date Night at Home

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Tucker and I (well, mostly Tucker) are big movie watchers. Between Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime there are seemingly endless movie selections at our disposal. All of these available options have oftentimes led us to feel overwhelmed when trying to select a movie, but we have developed a few go-to titles over the last two years. I’ve broken down date night movies into categories or moods and listed our favorites, as well as other suggestions that seem like a good fit. Grab some popcorn and get cozy, you don’t want to miss this post.

To simplify the search process for any of these movies, I’ve indicated whether this movie is on streaming Netflix (N), HBO (H) or Amazon Prime (A) next to each title. Enjoy!

The Sing-A-Long

Grease (N)


High School Musical (N)

Mulan (N)

Across the Universe (N)

“I Want to Go On An Adventure”

Harry Potter (6-8 available on HBO)

Scooby-Doo (N)

The Matrix

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (N)

Interstellar (A)

Oldie, But A Goodie

The Princess Bride

Top Gun (A)

Good Will Hunting (N, A)

Legally Blonde (N)

Rain Man (N)

“I Feel Silly and Want to Laugh”

Magic Mike (H)

Tenacious D (H, A)

Talladega Nights (N, A)

White Chicks (N)

Meet the Parents (N)


Annabelle (H)

Insidious 1 and 2

Shutter Island

Sinister (A)


In the Mood For Romance

The Last Song

Fifty Shades of Gray (H)

If I Stay (A)

The Lucky One (H)

Autumn Dreams

Explosions, High Speed Car Chases and Superheroes

Any Jason Bourne Movie


Captain America

Any Fast and Furious Movie (N, H)

Lord of War (N)

HUGE thank you to Tuck for helping me compile this list! Remember a movie night is only as good as the snacks. Make sure you check out my post on my movie night essentials to ensure a fun movie night at home!

What are your favorite date night movies?


15 thoughts on “Perfect Movies for a Date Night at Home

  1. Cristina says:

    I love how you categorized all of these! I love comedies mostly but every now and then I like to watch the “oldies but goodies”!


  2. fairyprincessjord says:

    I don’t love watching movies but my boyfriend loves nothing more than cuddling and watching a good movie. I’ll have to save this list for our next movie night (maybe even this weekend!)

  3. onceuponadollhouse says:

    GREAT recommendations! I love Legally Blonde. Recently, tried to watch Magic Mike – I had to turn it off. Grease is the best sing-a-long movie of all time.

  4. allisonbigoness says:

    Princess Bride is always great in my book but I also love the Borne movies. Action movies are always my favorite and go to pick for a movie night.

  5. Megan says:

    I love the way you organized this list! Perfect for when you know how you want to feel but not what you want to watch! I hate that “What do you want to watch?” “I don’t know, something funny, what do you want to watch?” loop that I get stuck in with my boyfriend – this list will be a great way to break the cycle!

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