Spring Semester 2016 Blogging Recap

Spring 2016 recap

While my semester may not be entirely over quite yet (finals are still ahead), it’s safe to say that this semester has taken me for quite the ride. Instead of recapping only April, I decided to switch things up and recap this entire semester and my blogging journey so far. I’d like to preface this post by saying that, in contrast to monthly recaps, this post is going to be much more freely written and chatty, which I hope is a style you enjoy reading. Without further ado, here we go!

I’m not going to lie. It’s very hard for me to write this post. Not hard in the sense that terrible things have happened, which I am grateful for, but hard in the sense that blogging hasn’t seemed fun lately. I had a great blogging month in March and saw great improvement and growth in my numbers – but that’s all it was. I was producing content in order to make sure my numbers continued to grow in the hope that I could laid some paid sponsored content. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great, but it wasn’t fun anymore.

This entire year, I vowed to make blogging work for me in terms of content, viewership and making money. In retrospect, I never told myself to make sure that I was having fun while doing any of that. That’s why I “burned out.”

Before you start blogging, everyone tells you to find your niche, create and maintain every social media platform, blog consistently, reach out to brands in the hope for sponsorship opportunities – just to name a FEW of the things “necessary to have a successful blog.” That last phrase is what has always bothered me the most – not just in blogging but in every endeavor I’ve ever taken on. What gives someone else the power to define what makes ME successful?

To be frank, I feel like the only one who is bothered by this. For how carefully crafted each blog post, graphic, social media content, etc is by every individual, how dare we try and fit each other into a predefined box? That’s not to say that those who try to help others grow are bad people and should stop blogging. I mean, that’s what I set out to do – help others, but in a different way. There are bloggers who I regularly read who do a great job coaching other bloggers and businesses to grow by doing ____. They are happy with what they’re doing and love doing it and are supported by those around them. They are “doing them” and reaping the benefits of doing so – go them!

I admire their success. With everything else they seem to have going on in their lives, their support system and passion for what they’re writing about  keeps propelling their blogs forward. That’s what I’m trying to do – find both my passion and support system. I’ve mentioned this in a few monthly recap posts – I’m less than thrilled learning about advertising. I feel lucky that the advertising class I took this semester was super interesting and felt relevant to something you might do in real life. Going through my routine and talking to other people who are really excited about what their learning and have their path figured out has been incredibly discouraging to say the least.  My entire life I’ve always been the optimistic person in the bunch and coming to college has made it very hard to remain that way. Real life with its real responsibilities is no longer in the distant future – it’s knocking on my front door and I don’t want to answer. At all.

All of this in combination with an unsure support system has created a very uncertain me. Uncertain in the sense that I question every single thing that I do before, during and after I do it. It feels like no one cares what I have to say, what I’m doing or where I’m going unless it is either exactly what they want me to do or the exact opposite. How does that leave me feeling? Exhausted, restless and constantly on the verge of tears.

Well I’ve had it.

Yes, I am tired. Tired of feeling this way. I’m 21 years old and have my whole life ahead of me which is way too expansive of a time period to allow myself to continue to feel this way.

Yes, I will continue blogging. You will notice a larger variety of posts, perhaps a new design or layout. I realized while reading others’ blog posts and watching YouTube videos, that the topics I most enjoyed reading/watching were topics that I don’t talk about. Why? No good reason. Well, that’s about to change and man, am I excited about it!

After all of that, what does this mean for you? I’m going to work on getting up two blog posts a week. I’ll still be active on my social media (Check ’em out: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +). I’m optimistic that this change in my mentality will help me better express myself through my blog, in real life and lead to more positive changes in my life.

Thanks for bearing with me thus far and if you find yourself in a similar situation as I or just need someone to hear you out, shoot me an email: mylittleboxoftricks@gmail.com .

Here’s to a bright and adventurous May!


21 thoughts on “Spring Semester 2016 Blogging Recap

  1. Jordyn says:

    I’ve been blogging for over 3 years and to be honest I had to stop trying to track growth and metrics. I know for a lot of people this is controversial…but I realized I get too wrapped in wondering why my blog isn’t growing and then as you mentioned it becomes not so fun. I think it is helpful to evaluate why you are blogging. Are you blogging as a creative outlet? As a supplemental resume builder? To hopefully be a full time blogger one day? To connect with friends? To connect with like minded professionals? To share a certain skill? I think it is only after you figure out why you want to blog that you can determine what your goals are. For me, I blog as a creative outlet. I have a lot of feelings (hehe), and I need to blog so they don’t say bundled up inside me. Though I like to see my blog grow, once I recognized that my blog isn’t necessarily always going to be professional it was easier to be okay with the fact that it isn’t always going to attract hoards of new readers. I hope that makes sense! <3

    • My Little Box of Tricks says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I think that over the next few weeks, once finals madness subsides, I will definitely take some time to sit down with myself and figure out why exactly I want to blog. I have really enjoyed reading your blog over this last year and find you and your content very inspiring. Keep doing you, lovely :)

  2. kayleighsklosetblog says:

    I think it real all depends on the person and what they’re trying to accomplish with blogging! Yes, there are some people who only want to be successful and make money and are doing it solely for that purpose, but some people use it to connect further into the industry and branch out to grow their own contacts. Personally, I started mine to help with future career endeavors and it all just fell into place. While I get annoyed with the staged aspect and constantly wanting to grow, I think it just comes along with the excitement of that first collab or first pay check, and old bosses following along and making comments about your growth and maintaining all of your responsibilities along with this (basically) full time job of blogging. Again all just based on personal perspective and love your insight!

    • My Little Box of Tricks says:

      Thank you for sharing your perspective. It definitely is very easy to get down in regards to constant comparisons and numbers and other stats, but like you said, it’s completely dependent on each and every one blogger!

  3. swraex says:

    Tracking numbers is something that easily gets me down in the dumps. Its so easy to compare my numbers to other bloggers I admire. I admire your honestly and your vulnerability in this post and can’t wait to see what you continue to post!


    • My Little Box of Tricks says:

      Thanks Savannah! I find myself guilty of the comparison game and it’s exhausting haha! I have really enjoyed reading your blog over this last year-ish and really love the content you put out. Keep up the great work!

  4. Amanda says:

    I completely understand your feelings. I’ve been blogging for almost a year and I get so discouraged when I see other people getting opportunities or talking about their numbers. I truly respect your transparency and it’s good to know that somebody else out there feels the same way. I still want blogging to be fun so I only check my numbers once a month and it really helps. I can see growth from month to month and I spend more time posting what I want to post, not what I think will get me the most views. Your blog is awesome and keep up the good work!


  5. Ashley says:

    This was such a great post that really hit home for me. I’ve been blogging since 2012 and have definitely had my ups and downs. Whenever I start to focus too much on growing my blog, I feel like I lose my drive. However, focusing on what I LOVE and not worrying about how many followers I have or viewers visiting my site helps me stay positive and usually leads to organic growth, which I’m not obsessively tracking. It’s definitely hard to keep yourself in this state of mind though. I think it’s awesome that you notice something needs to change and will be focusing more what you love about blogging as opposed to the numbers!

  6. angelmerisa23 says:

    Girl, I feel you. March and April have actually been really hard months for me. I would go the longest time without really blogging or worse, I would write up something quick just to have something to post. In fact, I wasn’t feeling inspired at all until recently when I looked back at some of my earlier posts. I went back and saw some pieces that I absolutely loved writing and that made me realize that I needed to focus more on myself. Find out what I wanted to do and then do it! I also have to come to terms with the fact that life really is a winding journey, with ups and downs, ebbs and flows. Trying not to get caught in the down current is hard sometimes though. Enough about that though, you seem to have everything back under control. :) Oh, huge CONGRATS on almost making it through another semester. That’s a big accomplishment!!! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

    • My Little Box of Tricks says:

      I’m definitely working through the “find what you love and write about it” phase. I’ve always loved writing and once I learned about blogging, it just seemed like a natural step up. I hope that this summer I’ll be able to refocus myself and this blog onto the things I love doing! Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  7. livelifewellblog5 says:

    Thank you for sharing this and know that you’re totally not the only one who feels this way! I think March and April were tough for everyone in terms of blogging, for some odd reason, but I’m confident that the summer will be better for all of us. We’ll have more free time and people will have more time to read our posts as well. Always know that the best is yet to come :) Congratulations on finishing up the semester!


  8. jessicasbookhive says:

    I love this post because it shows a real side of bloggers. It’s honest. People have down days, they doubt themselves, what they’re doing, why they’re doing it. I’ve had so many times I’ve stopped blogging for ages because I thought it was going nowhere because my view count wasn’t going up. I just had to take a step back and ask myself why I started blogging in the first place. It’s normal to want to change your blog and it’s style to suit you, that’s what I’m trying to do! Do what makes you happy!

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