My Favorite YouTubers

My Favorite YouTubers

If you’re a new reader (WELCOME FRIEND!) or if you didn’t know, I started my Internet journey on the wonderful platform we all know as YouTube. Even though I no longer make YouTube videos, I am still an avid follower of many lovely ladies. As I was compiling this list, I noticed that each of the YouTubers I listed all embodied different characteristics and qualities that I admire and/or that I seek to embody in my own life. From bubbly and outspoken to blunt and incredibly kind, there is a personality for everyone. Without further ado, here are my favorite YouTubers.

  • Nikki Phillippi I like to think that in some alternate universe, Nikki and I were once separated at birth or at least would’ve been very good friends. For as long as I’ve been watching Fleur’s videos (mentioned below), I have heard Nikki’s name pop up. Never wanting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of people I watched on YouTube and had to “keep up” with, I hadn’t subscribed to her channel until a few weeks ago. Nikki has an infectious laugh and talks to her viewers as if we are all sitting in her living room, gabbing about the latest and greatest thing. Not only do I trust Nikki to give me her honest opinion about something, I have come to expect her to make me giggle in the process.


  • Sammi Maria Whenever I feel like I want someone to tell me how things really are, both the good and the bad, I love watching Sammi’s videos. On her beauty channel she shares her tips, reviews and tutorials of her favorite beauty products, but she also is the co-owner of her own fashion line along with her fiancee. Seriously, how COOL is that? You know that one food you could always eat, no matter the time of day or season? That’s how I feel about Sammi’s videos. I feel like we were meant to be friends and have a lot in common. She’s a very lovely person and it has been great to see how much she has grown and shared with her viewers over the years.


  • Anna is my healthy eating, healthier lifestyle motivation. Also, a member of the beauty community, Anna weaves in her favorite healthy-eating recipes and lifestyle choices. Anna also has a very relatable beauty and lifestyle blog that I really enjoy reading.


  • Jenna Marbles. I almost don’t want to write a description about why I enjoy her videos so much. If you haven’t heard of Jenna Marbles, she is the epitome of the sentence “I don’t know how to Internet, so I’m going to do whatever I want.” Jenna makes hilarious videos about a multitude of topics. To try and explain any more of what Jenna is “about” would be a crime. I’m going to let Jenna do it herself. Here are three of my favorite videos:


  • Fleur de Force I’ve been watching Fleur’s videos for years. Fleur makes beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos. In the last few years she has had much success outside of the YouTube realm: she has launched her own line of false eyelashes, her own makeup line and published two books. Man, has she been busy. Flour showcases her lovely, sweet personality in all of her videos and her vlogs are also very fun to watch.

While compiling this list, I noticed that many of my favorite people to watch on YouTube are British. I don’t necessarily watch them because of their English accents, but the accents certainly don’t hurt!

Who are your favorite people to watch on YouTube?


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