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Welcome, welcome friends! I started this series last month when I featured my gal pal Savannah of the Always S blog and am going to keep the ball rolling this month of the absolutely wonderful Erica of Coming Up Roses. Erica’s blog was one of the first blogs, if not THE first, that I started reading when I wanted to take my blogging-self seriously. She is a recent college grad and is now blogging FULL-TIME #badass. She works incredibly hard and it shows through her work and yet, somehow, she remains upbeat and wonderful through it all. I could gush about her forever, however, now it’s time for Erica to speak for herself. Keep reading for some wise words from the lady herself.


Name: Erica Ligenza

Blog: Coming Up Roses

Every week you share Monday Mantras on your blog, what keeps you motivated to remain productive until the end of the day? End of the week?

I would be lying if I said I was just always motivated and always “on” – I’m totally not! But when I feel productivity waning, it’s typically because I’ve been doing one task for too long, or I’m distracted. Stepping away and treating myself to something fun for a few minutes – even just a YouTube beauty tutorial and a cuppa coffee or glass of wine! – works wonders. I also have a few favorite Persicopers or Snapchatters, so seeking some girlboss inspiration from other bosses always helps!

You recently graduated from college and are now blogging full-time, how are you managing to avoid blogger burnout?

I plan really far ahead, and I try to be as intentional with my time as possible. A friend of mine told me, “You have to start thinking of yourself as a CEO – not ‘just a blogger’!” That works wonders. You really just have to see yourself as the boss of your own business (because you are!), and work accordingly. I have an ongoing Google sheet with categorized editorial ideas, and ongoing sheet for pitches and collaborations, and I’m constantly getting inspiration from the world on new pieces of content that I think the CUR community will lovelovelove. Surround yourself by things that inspire you and with the reasons you do it in the first place, and it’s a lot harder to burn out! Also, TAKE BREAKS. It’s so easy to become an accidental workaholic when it doesn’t always feel like work! Know when to just shut down the laptop and hang out with friends or cats. It works wonders. ;)

You frequently Snapchat your kitties who keep you company while you work. What human(s) do you find most inspiring and why?

Ha – love my kitties! Might be cliche, but my hubby is a huge inspiration to me – he’s so good at self-evaluation and never settles in life, and his discernment with relationships and people is stellar. My parents are beyond inspiring – they constantly put others first and are truly the most selfless, loving people I know. There are a few bloggers and just other working professionals in my day-to-day life, too, that are just so inspirational to me for how they treat others and how they live daily life! I think it’s easy to get caught up in needing these hugely famous people to be role models, but to me it’s just the best when I see everyday people going out of their way with acts of kindness just because.

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What does being successful mean to you?

I’d say a “successful” day to me is achieving as close to “balance” as possible across the board in life. Some say professional accomplishments bring about “success,” others just want “happiness”…I think everything comes at the expense of something else, though. I never want to be the girl with a killer blog, but a lackluster marriage because of the time suck. Or the girl who just has fun all the time and never #werks! So if I can be at a place where everything feels like it’s thriving, in a sense, that’s a total win in my book.

Check out Erica’s post on lessons she has learned SO FAR from blogging.

What is one thing you do/say/think that instantly perks you up when you’re feeling down and unmotivated?

There’s a few! So I have a few mantras tacked up to the corkboard that’s literally right in front of my face while I work at my desk. 1.) Let no steal your peace, Let no one steal your joy. (For feeling down because of someone else’s actions). 2.) Stop playing small – you’ve got this. (For when you feel yourself shrinking away from opportunities out of fear of the unknown). 3.) I will fearlessly light the first candle because beginning deserves just as much celebration as finishing. (For when you’re unmotivated to start a daunting task and just need that kick in the ass to get started!)

Erica 3.JPG

What is your life motto/mantra?

I have so many, I can’t even pick just one! So I think I’ll defer to one that summarizes so much goodness (and is also on my corkboard – hollah!). “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” I think that was a St. Padre Pio quote, and I just lovelovelove that as a life mantra. Pray with expectation that God will provide what is best for you in its time, hope and remain optimistic about what is to come with happy expectation, and don’t stress or worry about anything, because that does literally ZERO good for anyone! I feel like for as simple as that phrase is, it beautifully sums up a hella good way to live life.

28 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Inspire: Erica

  1. Cristina says:

    I love that Erica mentioned not to think of yourself as “just a blogger” but a CEO! That’s such a great way to look at it. Loved this feature!

    Cristina /

  2. rachel says:

    I adore Erica! She is seriously such a kind, amazing, and inspiring woman. She is 100% right about the CEO thing. I know too many bloggers who struggle to embrace their entrepreneurial side when they are trying to turn things into a career. IT’s all about that successful #bosschick mindset!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  3. kaylablogs says:

    I love all of Erica’s mottos and mantras! I want to put a lot up by my desk too, it’s nice to have those words looking back at you when you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated!

    Kayla |

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