Book Review: How to Make a Killer Resume E-book

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Hello, my friends! I’m excited to be sharing a great e-book and resource with you from one of my blogger buds, Ruby of Positively Brave. She is a career coach for twenty-somethings and created a this really phenomenal, concise e-book on creating great resumes. Since y’all know I’m all about professional development, I thought I’d share my thoughts on this resource, as well as share with you how you can get your mitts on your own copy.

*I will not be sharing photos of the e-book out of respect for Ruby and the hard work she has put into this book. Trust me, you’ll want to get your hands on this book AND it’s super affordable. That being said, Ruby did send me a copy of her e-book for my review – all opinions are honest and 100%, completely my own.

This book is divided into seven chapters and includes a checklist at the very end for you to use as you are going through and creating/editing your kick ass resume.

Now, onto the good stuff, the actual content.

Chapter One:

The first chapter talks about what a resume is and why having one is important for internships and job applications.

Chapters Two Through Six:

The logistics of building a resume including:

  • What goes on a resume
  • What DOES NOT go on a resume
  • Step-by-step guide for how to build your own resume including customization and design

(More on the blog: Job Interview Series: How to Prepare a Resume)

Throughout these chapters, Ruby spills some great tricks of the trade on how to make your resume really pop. That being said, I have a few notes about what has worked for me when creating a resume in addition to what Ruby included.

  1. I have never had room on my resume for both a bio and a list of skills. Ruby suggests including one or both on your resume – I highly recommend including your skills over your bio. While your resume does need a bit of personality, ultimately it’s about your qualifications and your skills – how can you add to the work environment?
  2. Play up the things you do well. Throughout high school and my first year of college, it seemed like everyone I talked to wanted to hit me over the head with ‘strong, action verbs’ when I was creating my resume. In case you don’t know what action verbs are, they are verbs that specify how you did what you did. For example, rather than writing “went to weekly training sessions and participated in discussions” it would be stronger to say “actively participated in weekly training sessions and lead discussion groups.” See the difference? Play up your expertise by letting your words demonstrate the role you played in doing all of these things.
  3. Only mention hobbies or other interests if you (a) don’t have a lot of work experience and/or (b) you have learned skills that are transferable to the position you are applying for. If your hobbies/interests don’t fall into either of those categories, they are probably best left off of your resume and could be use as an ice breaker or casual conversation during an interview.
  4. PLEASE PROOFREAD YOUR RESUME. PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE. Ruby has a whole paragraph in one of her chapters dedicated just to proofreading, but seriously, do it. There is nothing more unprofessional than reading a typo, god forbidden several typos, in a resume.
  5. Don’t include references unless they are asked for – even then provide them on a separate page. Not only does that keep everything organized, but including references on your actual resume is taking up valuable space to talk about your qualifications. Use your (limited) space wisely.

All in all, I think Ruby’s e-book is a great resource to have on hand if you find yourself frequently revising your resume and/or if you are looking to create your first professional resume. The best part? This e-book is super affordable – perfect for every budget. How do you get it? Click here.

Now I want to hear from you. What is your number one tip for people looking to revise/create their first resume?


22 thoughts on “Book Review: How to Make a Killer Resume E-book

  1. Cristina says:

    Ah yay this is so helpful! I’m applying to internships now and it’s definitely freaking me out but a great resume goes a long way!

    Cristina /

  2. Jess Edelblut says:

    It sounds like a great book with good advice! I think you’re so right that it’s important to make sure your hobbies line up with the experience needed for the job. But throwing in something fun like “blogger” is a good idea too, since it showcases your ability to work hard and consistently get stuff done, even if it’s not directly correlated to the position!

  3. kirstenortez says:

    Helpful! I may go update my resume soon! I personally think the cover letter is for your personality, so I think I will leave the bio off my resume as well. Plus, I just don’t have room on the page!

  4. courtneydrew says:

    An impactful resume is so important, it is the first impression any company has of you and I think that everyone should learn the do’s and dont’s. This book sounds like there is alot of great advice. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Courtney Drew

  5. Kayla Rivoli (@kaylavblogs) says:

    I try to update my resume as often as I can! With grad school around the corner, it’s important that I make sure mine is both professional and also shows a hint of my personality! This ebook sounds like a really great investment!

    Kayla |

    • My Little Box of Tricks says:

      Yes – that’s so true. I personally really struggle with making sure that my personality shows in my resume. It’s easy to try and find the most impressive sounding words without realizing that no one actually talks like that…

  6. Elly Leavitt says:

    haven’t read the book but it’s so important to have a good CV down! I like what’s said about knowing what NOT to put on your resume, because I think finding that balance is just as important as knowing what to put on it.

  7. Shane says:

    Great advice! Did it say anything about length of resume? I’ve always heard one page but my friend who’s in recruiting told me to expand on my experience and make it 2 pages

    • My Little Box of Tricks says:

      The book mentions it, absolutely. I’ve had it drilled into my head that 1 page is the absolute maximum (people don’t have time to read resumes longer than that). But now I’m seeing more and more people discuss how the length isn’t such a clear cut thing anymore.

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