Four Inspirational Quotes We Could All Use Right Now

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In case you couldn’t tell in my post on college tips from a senior, I am feeling less than motivated heading into this finals season. How do I give myself a little kick in the pants? Usually, by reading inspirational and motivational quotes. Often times, when I read inspirational quotes particularly about schoolwork, I roll my eyes and have the urge to yell “THIS IS A LOAD OF CRAP!” at the top of my lungs. Since that’s largely looked down upon in public spaces, I turn to more general inspirational quotes. After my interview with Erica, I’ve become really interested in the things and quotes that motivate other people – let me know what motivates you in the comments!



As I’ve gotten older and worked with many people in a school setting and also in a professional/work setting, I have been exposed to many different types of people. There is one personality trait that I have seen across all contexts: the nay-sayer. Think of a Debbie Downer to the extreme. I have found that regardless of the context, task at hand or environment, there will always be at least one person who will have something negative to say who has to circus something. This quote helps me realize that those people will always exist in one capacity or another and that I can’t allow them to have a large impact on my feelings or behavior.



How powerful is that? Especially after this last election in the US, there is a lot of hate going around. How wonderful, how powerful, how touching is it to see kindness and gratitude emerge despite such immense negativity? Often times, it’s easier to take the low road and perpetuate negativity as a reaction. That being said, I’ve found that there’s no way to feel better about yourself as a person than to take the high road and continue to put positivity in your words, thoughts, actions and further into the world.



Anyone get overwhelmed easily? This quote serves as a reminder for myself to break up large tasks, projects and other large tasks into smaller ones. Seriously, who doesn’t love checking off things on their to-do list? Not only do you get the satisfaction of checking a bunch of small tasks off your to-do list, but you also finish your larger assignments, projects, etc. in a much faster, more organized fashion.



I don’t know that this quote needs much explanation, but how much does it ring true? Channel your inner Tinkerbell and spread kindness like she spreads fairy dust. Kindness is the most abundant, inexpensive gift we could ever gift to one another, so why does it seem like it’s always in short supply. SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE, Y’ALL.

What quotes/sayings/things motivate and inspire you? Let me know in the comments down below!

25 thoughts on “Four Inspirational Quotes We Could All Use Right Now

  1. Cristina Mandujano says:

    LOVE that Van Gogh quote! I feel sometimes like I’m moving slowly with things, but it’s better than nothing – thanks girl!

  2. Hannah says:

    I really love the quote about “Great things are done by a series of small things”! One of my favorite life quotes is “Good things come to those who wait”. I feel like those two quotes really go together because its all the little things in life that add up to be a big thing but it takes time for that to happen!

    Thanks for the great inspiration:)


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