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Welcome back, friends! Today I’m sharing the third installment in my Bloggers Who Inspire series. Like in my posts featuring Erica and Savannah, I interviewed today’s lovely lady about motivation and inspiration and will be sharing her responses with you all. Who am I featuring, you may ask? The genuine lady boss behind both But First, Coffee and Caffeinate and Conquer, Kallie. Like in the other posts, I’ll let Kallie speak for herself. Without further ado, here’s my interview:


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Name: Kallie

Blog url:

A few weeks ago, you launched your second blog & blogging community, Caffeinate & Conquer. What motivates you to want to help other bloggers?

I love learning and in turn love teaching others. I studied education and use dot be a teacher so I love helping others grasp ideas that seem difficult. I’ve had a lot of help on my blogging journey and wanted to be able to help others.

How do you define success? Not only in business-sense, but in life in general.

I think it’s relative to everyone. In the simplest terms to me success is achieving something you set out to do.

On Kallie’s blog: The Belief of Success

In addition to 2 blogs, you also maintain a YouTube channel. Where do you find inspiration for content that your viewers will enjoy?

Mostly FROM my viewers. I get inspiration all over the place but at the end of the day my content is for my audience and I let them drive that.


You taught for three years before you decided to change your life path to pursue a career in social media. What piece of advice would you give someone who is scared to make a similar life change?

Trust you intuition. I could elaborate but really, deep-down, only YOU know the right choice for YOU.

Along those lines, how did you discover your passion and excitement for social media? How can others find what they’re passionate about?

Sometimes I feel lucky. I started my personal blog on such a whim. I didn’t even know this industry existed. I think it’s important to look at what brings you joy and do that. Again, listen to that pesky intuition. And, be willing to go out there and get it.

Thanks for reading everyone! Who inspires you? 

27 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Inspire: Kallie

  1. Maverick says:

    Oh my! In any case, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with it being a sex story if that really did happen. Oddly enough though, I think that doesn’t happen as much with women who are already “members” as ones who are “itetsnigators”…bvw, you always have very insightful things to say, and I appreciate them.

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