How to Comfortably Keep Warm in the Winter + EXCITING News!


While we haven’t exactly seen our first snow flakes in Central Illinois, it sure does feel pretty icy out there. I’ve written posts on how to stay cool in the summer and how to take the edge off your minor burn, but I’ve never written about how to keep yourself from turning into an icicle once the temperatures get below freezing. Some of these suggestions you may have heard before and others may have you scratching your head – give ’em a shot and I’d love to hear your feedback! As promised via Twitter, at the end of today’s post I’m sharing some ultra exciting news with y’all.

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Book Review: How to Make a Killer Resume E-book

Book Review-Make a Killer Resume.jpg

Hello, my friends! I’m excited to be sharing a great e-book and resource with you from one of my blogger buds, Ruby of Positively Brave. She is a career coach for twenty-somethings and created a this really phenomenal, concise e-book on creating great resumes. Since y’all know I’m all about professional development, I thought I’d share my thoughts on this resource, as well as share with you how you can get your mitts on your own copy.

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Guest Post: 9 Tips to Guide You in Choosing a College


Happy Thursday, everyone. Today I’m bringing you an exciting, college-themed post from Steven of My College Adventures. He and I have teamed up to share our insights with you all. On his blog, I talk about my journey to finding my program of study as well as the biggest  piece of advice I would give my freshman year self. I won’t gab any longer – Steven has some seriously great tips for those who are in the process of selecting a college. If you know anyone who is currently in the middle of this process, I encourage you to pass this information along to them to help ease their mind!

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Secrets for Making Your Own Vinaigrette + 5 Easy Ones to Try

Secrets For Making Your Own Vinaigrette.jpg

Y’all know I am all about making things at home if it (a) tastes better and/or (b) saves me some cash. Lucky for all of us, this post tackles both of those things. I wrote an entire post on various things that I find are worth the effort to make at home and today we’re going to be focusing on vinaigrettes. More than just dressing for lettuce, vinaigrettes can be used in tons of different salads and even as marinades for meat. “Why do I care?” you may be asking yourself. Well, in case you didn’t know, the mark up on vinaigrettes is INSANE. I’ll counter back with a question: why spend dollars on something you can make at home for cents? Boom.

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Bloggers Who Inspire: Erica

Bloggers Who Inspire - Erica .jpg

Welcome, welcome friends! I started this series last month when I featured my gal pal Savannah of the Always S blog and am going to keep the ball rolling this month of the absolutely wonderful Erica of Coming Up Roses. Erica’s blog was one of the first blogs, if not THE first, that I started reading when I wanted to take my blogging-self seriously. She is a recent college grad and is now blogging FULL-TIME #badass. She works incredibly hard and it shows through her work and yet, somehow, she remains upbeat and wonderful through it all. I could gush about her forever, however, now it’s time for Erica to speak for herself. Keep reading for some wise words from the lady herself.

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The 22 Most Important Lessons I Learned in 22 Years

22 Lessons.jpg

Happy November, friends! This year, I am unable to celebrate with all of my loved ones at once on my actual birthday, so I am throwing myself a birthday week. Today, I’d like to celebrate with all of you. While I am still young, my 21st year was my most turbulent yet: I have been adapting to a big life change and rediscovering who I am as a person. In hindsight, I would not change a single thing that happened because of the person I am today *insert some sappy-sounding violins*. As you might have noticed from the title, I will be sharing the 22 most important lessons I have learned this last year and have included some of my favorite pictures throughout. So with that, I wish you all a wonderful November and let’s get started:

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20 (More) Non-Scary Halloween Movies to Watch This Year

20 (More) Movies to Watch this Halloween.jpg

If you remember my list of 20 Non-Scary Halloween Movies from last year, then you know that on my list of favorite holidays, Halloween ranks at the very bottom. That being said, I love being festive and celebrating so I decided that I couldn’t completely leave Halloween in the dust this year. Since I included many of what I consider to be “classic” Halloween movies in last year’s post, feel free to check out that post for those recommendations. Some of the movies I’ve included in this year’s list may not all seem like they fit the ticket – never say never. Give a couple of them a watch and you’ll be surprised by how Halloween-y you’ll feel. I’ve also thrown in my spooky TV show recommendations down at the bottom, so you can get in the Halloween spirit regardless of your attention span!

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