Benefits of Positive Thinking + How I Do It


If there’s one thing I have learned about myself while in college it’s that I love learning about people. How they think, how they talk and more importantly, why they talk and think that way. Through the many communications classes I’ve taken and the research I’ve had to read, I have come across much research that discusses positivity. As a consistently pretty-positive person, I’ve been fascinated by the perceived benefits of positive thinking. Today, I’m going to start by telling y’all exactly what differentiates positive thinking from different types of thinking and ways YOU can make subtle changes to the way you think (and talk) to reflect a more positive lifestyle. So get your snack and a cup of your favorite beverage and get settled – you’re in for some ol’ fashioned learning.

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3 Cooking Shows to Watch For Inspiration


Seriously happy Thursday, y’all. This week has been the most but thankfully it’s almost over. Today, I’m going to be talking about food, sort of. Yesterday, I asked Tucker what to blog about – none of the ideas I have written down were speaking to me. I forget exactly what he said, but something he said made a light bulb in my head go off, so he gets credit for today’s blog post. Now, I don’t know about you, but figuring out what to cook can get old, very quickly. Even though I love Pinterest (seriously, check out my multiple food-related boards), it’s sometimes hard for me to turn pins into real life meals. Enter television. I love the Food Network and could happily watch cooking shows for the rest of my life. I don’t know what it is about watching other people cook, but it’s weirdly therapeutic and inspiring. Here are my favorite cooking shows to watch pretty much all the time, but especially when I’m feeling uninspired by the ingredients in my kitchen.

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My Foundation Routine for Flawless Looking Skin


Happy Tuesday, friends! A few months ago, I shared my 5-minute face that was quick, easy and perfect for work. Since starting my senior year (EEK!), I have rediscovered the YouTube beauty community (check out my post on some of my favorite YouTubers here) and my interest in makeup and skincare products. Since this rediscovery I have made a conscious effort to use the makeup I have (and new products) and have been very pleased with the results. Today, I’m sharing my foundation routine that makes my skin look more even and glowy!

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How to Entertain Yourself When Everyone is Out of Town


If you’re anything like me, when first reading the title to this post you chuckled and thought “how hard could that really be?” Trust me, it’s hard. This past summer, Tucker started a new job that would require him to travel for several days each week. As you know, we live together and it was very weird to be home for so long by myself. Yes, I could watch Chrisley Knows Best for hours, but I can only stare at a screen for so long. Since summer is a very long season, I had to come up with different things to do in order to keep myself entertained. That’s what I’ll be sharing with you today – let’s get started!

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Bloggers Who Inspire: Savannah

Bloggers Who Inspire.jpg

Today, I’m bringing a new series to the blog. As you can tell by the title, this series is focusing on fellow bloggers who I find personally inspiring and motivating. My goal is to bring share one or two inspiring bloggers every month. I got the idea for this series actually reading a blog post Savannah posted on her blog. I have been following her blog for the last year or so and find her posts and personality very relatable, honest and forward-thinking. She is not afraid to talk about topics that others stray away from, which I greatly appreciate and admire. I don’t feel like my descriptions are doing her or her blog any justice, so I’ll let Savannah speak for herself. Enjoy :)

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Recipe: Elevated, Quick-Cook Ramen

Recipe_ Elevated, Quick Cook Ramen.jpg

I will be the first to shamelessly admit that I love ramen. Not the fancy stuff you get at restaurants, but those packets of ramen that cost 22 cents at Target. Fellow college students, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It wasn’t until I moved into an apartment that I realized just how versatile packaged ramen is. Then, as ramen restaurants were becoming all the rage, I got inspired to make my own elevated ramen at home. As I mentioned in my cold weather essentials post, ramen soup is a go-to for me once the weather turns chilly. Today, I’m going to show you just how easy (and tasty) more-than-the-spice-packet ramen is to make.

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My Struggle With Body Image


I’m going to be very honest with you, it was very hard for me to write this post. I have never spoken (or written) extensively about my over-a-decade long struggle with body image. Enough is enough. There shouldn’t be a stigma around discussing body image, about struggling with body image, about accepting who you are regardless of what you look like. That is why I’m sharing my story. By reading my story, I hope that you make amends with your body, that you share my story with someone who you know is struggling and help them. I am not a licensed anything (other than a driver) and I cannot give any medical advice, but I can certainly share my personal advice and lend an ear to anyone who may be struggling. Here is my story:

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