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About the Blog:

First branded as “The Glitter Diaries” in 2013, My Little Box of Tricks was created in April 2015 as a means to productively spend my time while taking a class and working part-time on campus over the summer. My Little Box of Tricks seeks to provide tips, shortcuts, advice, recipes, and other helpful resources to twenty-somethings as they are trying to navigate through this thing called “adulthood.” I hope that I can provide my readers with useful resources that they will turn to when they need advice, a quick dinner recipe or a sense of community.

About Kristine:

Hi, I’m Kristine, a 21-year old college student who was born and raised (and continues to go to school) in the Midwest. I’m incredibly passionate about learning about anything and everything – there’s so much to learn! I spend my time blogging, cooking and playing fetch for hours with my boyfriend and I’s dog, Jace Cooper. My boyfriend, Tucker, is the most loving and pickiest vegetarian I’ve ever met and I spend a lot of time trying to trick him into eating vegetables. I’m a self-proclaimed Coca-Cola aficionado, love the smell of coffee beans and have an odd obsession with vegetable low mein. Through My Little Box of Tricks, I hope to help other twenty-somethings navigate their way through life a little bit more easily than they would’ve otherwise.

For collaboration or general inquiries, please send me an email at mylittleboxoftricks@gmail.com